Mark Blomsma, principal consultant at Develop-One is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist who has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for C# ten years running (ending in 2013). With a keen mind for software development, the right understanding of business and the proper soft skills, he will get your project going in the right direction in no time.

As a company we believe in offering a wide range of services: software architecture, development, testing, application hosting. We work project based or as staff augmentation to your team: We have the skills to help you improve your business.

We pride ourselves on quality work and as such we partner with Omnext and utilize their Software Analysis as a Service to raise the bar when it comes to quality of your custom software solutions. At the same time we use Software Analysis as a Service to reduce cost of both the development and maintenance part of the application lifecycle.
Contact us to see how Software Analysis as a Service can make your project perform better.

Our principal consultant, Mark Blomsma, previously worked as an instructor for DevelopMentor (now Global Knowledge), and is available as an onsite coach to share his knowledge and skills with your team.

Interested in technical stuff? Mark also runs a blog called The Blomsma Code and works on experimental HoloLens stuff with Colourbits.